Institut de beauté à Villeneuve les Avignon et Les Angles.

Welcome to L’institut Gaby!

Let me introduce myself a little before discovering the institute…

My Name is Emmanuelle ( Gaby was my grandmother’s nickname), and my dog, who is most of the time with me, Jouke.

I’ve tried many fields before discovering the universe of beauty : I had my diploma at the age of 23, and I realized I loved beauty !
I went to big cities such as Montpellier, Paris, Lyon or Marseille to train a lot and to practice services I give today in my institute. And I keep training to keep up and give my customers the best and the last news in beauty.

I’ve been a vegan for 4 years.
I became one because I love and respect animals too much to eat them!
Being a vegan makes me learn more about nature, and the richness it can give us : find simple things next to us!
I ‘ve learnt how to respect Mother Earth the best way I could, while living everyday respectfully, and I can say it is better this way for me.

This is naturally so, that I created my institute with the same intentions.

First of all, with the products sold in the shop :
Each of them is organic, vegan, made in France, artisan, cruelty free, chemical free.
I want to emphasize the fact that each of them are made by some very small and familial companies, in order to privilege human and its artisanal work.
Products are all made in France, to consume local, or national.
I hate bad products or bad ingredients : this is why I have tried and agreed every product, before selling them to you. No chemical ingredient = a complete absorption for the skin, 100% of active ingredients for the skin, no chemical rubbish. What you put on your skin is the best nature has to give you.

About products used for services, I try to use mostly French products, and if it is not possible, I am careful of their composition.
Most of my permanent make-up pigments are made in Marseille, wax made in Sète, lashes are French, as foot Spa products. Face products are vegetal, and the composition of my permanent polishes are completely agreed by a scientific application. Cotton pads, Q-tips and toilet paper are recycled and organic.

Finally, maintenance is always done with natural products such as white vinegar and black soap, not to pollute and create a safe environment for people, and for the planet.

I hope that this approach, which is new in the beauty sphere, and my work, will satisfy your requirements, in quality or in savoir-vivre.

See you soon !